Escape Room

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Anexciting and adventurous trip
Maybe you hear the scaperoom ,name several times a day but do you know exactly what is the escape room?
Now a days escaperoom be the best recreation between the youngesters , it is combine of thrill and intellectual hobbies so it makes adiffrent and special space for you.
When you choose setarehbaranEscapeRoom you can experience thrill.teamwork game mirth and at the end you can challenge your mind.
If you want to know “what is the scaperoom “and “how can you test it “ or you want to know more about scaperoom just follow the setarehbaran
Probably over and overagain you watched the action or horror films that you saw how the prisoners escapedfrom prison or how they tried to escapedfrom  the killers or how they tried to escaped from the hostage taking prison
Have you ever wondered what you were doing instead of them? Would  you like to experience that  aanxiety and excitement?
Would you like to challenge your mind to find a escape map? 
If you said yes to these questions I should say .
It’s your opportunity to experience all of them in the setarehBaran escape Room .
You should solve all the puzzles and riddles with loose ends , hints  and  strategies to win the Escaperoom game and finish it.
You have a specified time to solve the different hints that hid some where in space every day setarehbaranescapeRoom .
Which is located in the cinema Cineplex is at your service.
You can go to the box office of setarehbaran Cineplex to get a scaperoom ticket
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