Recreational Center

(Come in with a smile)!
This is the motto of the great and lovely castle of happiness.
Welcome to the happycastle.
amusement castle amusement parks at the setarehbaran complex  commercial complex have begun operating in 1395 since last year. The amusement parks are designed and implemented using the castle space and interior elements to bring a warm and childlike space to the visitors.
Happy Castle Park has been used for the first time in the north west area oftickets devices. Thetickets  device award is determined according to the child is performance when playing. The better the customer plays, the more he gets.
The city of happy is the best way to evacuate within us when it comes to our daily life and wants a bit of excitement and joy. From the very early age to adulthood, there is always a desire to go to amusement parks in us. So, plan for the weekend and visit your family to the castle of happiness in your home.

Recreational centers

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