Nesf-e Rah on the way of a change to economic pole of Tabriz   
Nesf-e Rah is one of the populated districts of Tabriz that has dense and populated boroughs. Its northern boroughs such as Shahid Chamran, Dampezeshki, Qara Ağac (Ghara Aghaj), Bahar, Axını (Akhini), Hökmavar (Hokmabad), Varzesh, Küçəbağ (Koucheh Bagh), Şam Qazan (Shanb Ghazan) and tens of other small and big boroughs had big influences in the history of the city. Other boroughs such as Ashkan, Milad, Firouz, Khatib, Khayam, Ahrab, Rasalat, Jalaliyeh in the southern part of the district have population of about two hundred thousand people.  
This region is considered as the shopping pole in the West of Tabriz and considering the extensiveness, after furniture it owns the first rank for selling cloths. Its shopping centers accept many people every day from different parts of the city. According to daily statistics, 051 thousand people enter the district daily for different reason such as shopping, residing and passing.   
Setarehbaran Complex was established in the recent years in order to unite the city with the global market developments and through its modern standpoint in the field of commerce and presence in domestic and foreign markets, it attempts to play its role in progress of the city. The main slogan of the Complex is "each shopping one pleasure, each pleasure a memory" and tries to prepare a joyous place for the costumers.  
Complex is one on of the most important trade projects of the city that could play an important role in preparing citizens with recreation activities. The Complex is located in Rah Ahan Av. which is the longest avenue of the city and connects the West of the city to the East and it plays important role in cultural and economic exchanges. Since Nesf-e Rah Square crosses the avenue, therefore access to Azadi and Azerbaijan St. is easier. BRT bus lines and their passing in front of the Complex will make the access of the citizens to the Complex easier, either.  
Considering the shortage of shopping and trade centers in Tabriz, we could say that Setarehbaran Complex will be an influential one in progress of economy in the city.   
The specification of the Complex:  
- Using high quality materials and equipment  - Easy access to all parts of the city and even neighbor cities  - Using intelligent building management system  
- Existence different functions in the Complex (trade, welfare, service, recreational and cultural functions)  - Facilities for disables  - Allocating special spaces to famous brands of Iran and the world  - Using creative and unique architecture  - Totally private ownership and prohibition of selling the shops by the aim of applying consistent management  
- Wireless internet  - Visual and audio equipments in the Complex  - Central control system  - ATMs and other bank systems  - 10 warehouses of 8 to 01 sqm  - Child care rooms  - Praying house  - 6 elevators  - 01 escalators  - Parking lot   
Introducing the Setarebaran Complex  
Setarebaran Complex is constructed in a land of 0511 sqm and constructed area of 17751 sqm in Nesf-e Rah district of Tabriz.   
First floor as the parking:  
Cars could access the parking through entrance ramps (Eastern wing) and exit doors (Western wing) and transferring the people to other floors is carried out through 1 elevators and two escalators.   
Ground floor:  
This floor is six meter higher than shops and branding part of the Complex.  
The access is through main gate in 11 Bahman St. the minor gates are from Najm alley and elevators in parking lot. 6 escalators and 1 elevators transfer the people to other floors.    
First floor:  
In the central part of the floor there is a coffee shop of 051 sqm as central shop. Shoppers are directed to this floor using 1 escalators and 1 elevators.   
Second floor:  
Second floor is 0511 sqm and it is allocated to mother shops, multipurpose halls, hypermarket, playing halls, children barbers and workshops, restrooms, child care rooms, and a roofed play ground in a land of 0111 sqm. There are many recreation facilities for children in this floor. People could access the floor using 1 escalators and 1 elevators.   
Third floor:  
This floor is allocated to food court with 8 shops in a total area of 1111 sqm and shops of 51 to 011 sqm, public places and CIP restaurant that offers wide range of drinks and foods for every taste. There is a glass roofed balcony with total area of 071 sqm, 1 coffee shops besides the open space food court.  
The restrooms, special restrooms for disables, child care room, praying houses, wireless internet etc. are other services available for costumers in this floor.  
Access to this floor is possible through 1 elevators and 1 escalators. There is another lift for transferring the goods.   
Administrative floors:  
The administrative units of the complex are 81 as an independent part including offices of 61 to 001 sqm in 8 floors in a very secure environment for companies and offices. Access to administrative space is through two separate elevators from parking lot and ground floor (Western wing).   
Technical specifications and equipments:  
- Central power house with compact chillers and hot water reserves  - Ventilation and air maker sets to prepare fresh air  - Using air maker machines along with sucking fans for discharging the polluted air in parking lot for refreshing the air  - Using sprinkler system in order to increase the safety of the floors and preventing fire  - Canalling according to fire department standards in order to prevent probable incidents and discharging the smoke form the building  
- Using silent pipes for waste water system in order to omit water sounds in the pipes and building  - Using modern Hiltti supports in the installation and designing supports with Hiltti software  - Using temperature and elastomeric  insulations in order to reduce energy wasting and preventing the penetration of humidity and corrosion in installation systems  - Equipped with BMS room as Resources Mangmetn Center    
Specifications of the floors  
Floors  Function  Number  Minimum area  Maximum area  First parking  Parking  011 cars    Second parking  Parking of trade part  81cars, 06 shops  06 sqm  77 sqm  GF  Trade part  18 units  01 sqm  017 sqm  First floor  Trade part 08 units  01 sqm  017 sqm  Second floor  Mother and child shops  5 units  77 sqm  118 sqm  Play ground   701 sqm  Third floor  Food court  8 food shops  17 sqm  011 sqm  0011 sqm for eating the food   CIP restaurant  0 unit  501 sqm for eating the food Four to eleventh floors  Administrative part  01 units in each floor  56 sqm  001 sqm  
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